Relationship Tune Up

May 14, 2020

This is often the patterns that I see when working with couples:


Wow. I'm crazy in love...everything is perfect! I’ve found my soul mate! Usually this lasts about six months. The longest can be up to two years, but this is usually because there is absence along the way.

Oh oh. This isn't fun anymore. I didn't realise my partner had so many things that annoy me! Maybe it's time to find someone else. I'm not "in love" anymore.

Where do I go from here? We don't seem to be able to talk anymore!

Maybe I'll just do what he/she wants and that'll keep the peace!

But hang on...there's gotta be a better way.

Let's get some help because I do want to still be with you.

There's a reason for the saying "love is blind". It's very normal for a relationship to be Oxycontin filled (also known as the love hormone!), in the early stages of falling in love. At this stage there are significant amounts of information missing for the couple as they only have eyes for one another and don’t notice the flaws.


It's at this point in the relationship where things can cave in or can blossom into something deeper if the couple are prepared to put in the effort and learn solid ways of resolving inevitable conflict. Conflict is normal. Not a sign that things are failing. However, when fights arise and the fighting is unpleasant then a better way of talking is the order of the day.


This is where I come in. In my view it is a great idea for all couples branching out into a long-term relationship to start with some solid strategies for great communication. I have just that. I have seen over the years couples who make a real go of a fantastic (not flawless) relationship because they have embraced a solid way of talking about issues as they arise.


I am offering a set of six relationship enrichment sessions to help you start your long-term journey on a solid footing. The cost is $799. What a great investment to get you through years of a deep relationship rather than giving up when the going gets tough, or looking for the next Oxycontin fix.


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